The lackeys who are worshipping America

When you want good Mandarin invective or Party-ish phrasology, you usually find bilingual dictionaries are not up to the task. They may give you “pawns” and “stooges” and so forth, but you need to read the stuff in context for it all to make sense.

That’s why I’m happy to have stumbled across (h/t Danwei) justrecently’s blog, where not only do you get translations of fun stuff — classic “bridge blogging” — but at least sometimes you also get the key Mandarin phrases from which the juiciest stuff is translated.

美国的狗腿子作崇 translated as
The lackeys who are worshipping America

中方已就美方上述决定向美方提出严正交涉 translated as
The Chinese side has issued solemn and just representations concerning the above-mentioned decision by the American side

I realize I could slog through the originals and find the phrases myself, but this is a huge timesaver and good, harmonious fun to boot.

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  1. justrecently says:

    Many tanks for the kind endorsement!

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