Kurt Russell and the Tibetan comment

No, this isn’t another Sharon Stone-esque gaffe/political comment, but something rather more innocent. I was enjoying the Kurt Russell movie Soldier (兵人 in Chinese) on Chinese video sharing site Youku the other week (right, I enjoy campy sci-fi) when an interesting comment caught my eye. Now normally Youku comments are about as worthwhile as Youtube comments (i.e. completely worthless drivel), but this one was special – it was written in Tibetan.tib comment

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I only have a smattering of classical Tibetan, but it seems that the author is saying that they enjoyed the film (གློག་བརྙན་ཆེན་པོ་འདུག, lit. “great movie!”), but they want some help with the subtitles, and hope that the film (or perhaps more films?) can support the Tibetan script.

Full text (Tibetan):



If anyone with better Tibetan wants to correct me, or provide a fuller translation, I’d be very happy. Note that at the end of the second line, ཧ is ‘ha’ in the Tibetan alphabet, so ཧ་ཧ is the somewhat universal 哈哈, haha!

So, how many people watching Soldier on Youku are going to be able to read Tibetan? I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that saying the same thing in Chinese would have given the author a larger audience.

Has anyone seen other ‘languages of China’ represented on Youku comments (or similar sites)?

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  1. Kellen says:

    Very interesting. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Uyghur on Youku but only on really fringe stuff. There was a clip from an old tv show set during the Tang that pissed off some people a year or two back for having a really hideous depiction of Muhammad. Not a lot of ھا ھا (哈哈) going on.

    And I’ve definitely seen Wu, but that’s much less surprising.

  2. GAC says:

    Hmm, looks like I can’t see Tibetan characters on my computer. Are there Linux fonts for it somewhere? Not that I need it, of course.

  3. any TTF font should do it, no?

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