Link Roundup – 29 Nov 2010

Earlier this week, Sinoglot’s Randy and Paweł posted the 15th instalment of The Book of Nishan Shaman.

For a bit of elderly Dongbei dialect, check out the documentary by C. Custer and the ChinaGeeks team, Kedong County. While you’re at it, check out his latest project.

John Pasden’s call for a public, large-scale corpus of spoken Mandarin gets a strong seconding from Sinoglot. The current corpuses/corpora are grossly inadequate.

The blog 一步一个脚印 ( has an informative post called “74 Switch-Around Words in Mandarin“. Here are just a couple:

蜜蜂 mìfēng (“bee”) & 蜂蜜 fēngmì (“honey”)
合适 héshì (“suitable”) & 适合 shìhé (“to be suitable”)

Finally, on the Omniglot blog, there’s a post up looking for help with the Endangered Alphabets Project. Among the scripts on which the project is focused: Manchu and Nüshu.

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