Link Roundup – 8 Nov 2010

The following are stories or articles from the past week that deal with language in China. We will try to post these once a week.

First there is The Grammar of Chinese Women by Deborah Fallows in which she gives her impressions on the all-too-common he/she mixup among English learners in China

We also heard about “Chinese cultural week” launched in Egypt’s university via People’s Daily Online 人民网 about an event at Ain Shams University جامعة عين شمس‎ in Cairo.

Looking to buttress your profanities and legal vocabulary? Check out Beijing attorney Pu Zhiqiang vs his police investigator as reported (Chinese) and translated (English) in China Digital Times. h/t Chinese Law Prof Blog.

Finally, the Dаlаі Lаmа has put in his two cents on the recent issues concerning language policy in Τіbеt. The debate continues.

You’ll just have to Google that last one. We aren’t big fans of being blocked here at Sinoglot.

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