Link roundup — 7 Feb 2011

Is it really time for Monday link roundup? Only the calendar says so. Otherwise, here in China, it’s unequivocally “The fifth day of New Year” (初五 chūwǔ), a time when the obsessive day-tracking of modern life fades into a blur of sloth and grog and dysfunctional family dinners. Even my parents, visiting from the States, have started using the X-day-of-new-year terminology since the days of the week have become meaningless.


Every time I light up a cigarette at this time
Thinking about home town and mother, as if they are in front my eyes

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  1. justrecently says:

    This small comment is to certify that a link from this blog leads to a lot of traffic.

  2. Syz says:

    jr: glad to hear all six of our readers are joining in the link love 😉

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