Link roundup — 31 May 2011

Fine wine for the month of May:

  • Before you click thru to, guess what English word is being borrowed with: 欧菲香 ōufēixiāng
  • A modern humanities prof could take a semester to deconstruct iamxiaoli’s “learning Chinese” videos. See John Pasden’s intro here. At least they’re better than the video that came in #1 on this Beijing Sounds post
  • Autonomous region points to Google & Wikipedia in Uighur
  • Green pea tofu (wāndòu dòufu 豌豆豆腐) and other delectable food terms from Beijing Haochi
  • ‘ngè’ — is it about eating, or pooping? Depends on the dialect… — at Bezdomny Ex Patria
  • How do you dry your clothes in Mandarin? Carl Gene says it depends on whether you’re from the north or south
  • In case you need to brush up on your evil cult publicity poster vocabulary and need a long list of vocabulary — China Hope Live
  • I’ll be the first to give the National Palace Museum a break for pinyin-typoing a “捍” instead of a “撼”. Maybe we should just eliminate one: there’s no shortage of hàn in China anyway… — China Hush
  • Homeboy in Chinese? Sinologistical Violincellist retranslates Kevin Garnett’s Chinese blog

and from Sinoglot’s own writers:

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