You want me to eat WHAT?!


“Kuso” (くそ, 屎)  means “shit” in Japanese.

Shit pizza.

This unfortunately isn’t the first time I’ve seen this word in Xiamen.  I was going to blog about it last year, but didn’t find the time.  But I still have the picture:

The S Market

This was the entrance to the basement of a shopping center just across from the main gate of Xiamen University.  The faux stone is gone and the name has been changed, but my kids and I still refer to it as “The S Market”.

I notice that the Chinese in both pictures has 创意 (chuàngyì, creative/creativity), and one has 艾迪尔 (āidí’ěr), which is a non-erhua hanzification of “idea”.

While it’s a terrible idea to have a name like “kuso” in a cosmopolitan city like Xiamen, where there are many Japanese students and businessmen, this idea must have come from somewhere.  Perhaps a reader will be able to comment on the possibility of “kuso” being a romanization of 创意 in another Chinese language like Minnan or Hakka.  (I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that though I’ve been living in Xiamen for a year now, I still haven’t learned any Minnan.  I need to get more language materials for it.)

7 responses to “You want me to eat WHAT?!”

  1. TAK says:

    Oh my god….
    How’s the taste?

  2. Kaiwen says:

    The first thing that comes to mind is the equivalence between KUSO and 惡搞 (“恶搞”) in Taiwan mandarin. I can see how one could get from 恶搞 to creativity — spoof videos, etc, are original creative works.

  3. Syz says:

    艾迪尔 (āidí’ěr), which is a non-erhua hanzification of “idea”.

    Isn’t that an erhua hanzification? Or is it non-erhua cuz you’re in the south? Confused…

  4. Randy Alexander says:

    I mean that the 艾迪尔 is pronounced with a non-erhua accent, producing something that sounds like “idea” (otherwise it would be /ai.di.ɚ/. Maybe I should have said “derhoticized”.

    @TAK: I didn’t stick around to taste it….

  5. Tezuk says:

    As Kaiwen suggested I think it is probably from the Taiwanese Mandarin meaning of 惡搞.
    As for Minnan language tools I recommend the Taiwanese MOE Dictionary ( Despite the slight difference in dialects with Xiamen, the examples and recordings will still prove useful.

  6. Bathrobe says:

    How about Japanese 空想, ‘imagination, fantasy’? Better romanised as kūsō, but some people don’t have time for macrons. Just a stab in the dark.

  7. Bathrobe says:

    Someone has already written about this. See:

    It’s a blog so I can’t open it, but the Google search snippet says: くそ:[kuso] (ad.v)出自日本語; 原意是「可惡、糞、X的」等罵人的話, 現又用來形容一些令人”會心一笑”的事物~ 也有惡搞~搞笑之意~,所有資料皆來自….

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