FYI Sinoglot Maintenance 3/20-21

Singapore. Haven’t been there myself, but I’ve heard good things. So we’re taking our virtual offices there. A server move, that is.

It’s all starting tomorrow (Mar 20) afternoon, so if suddenly you find you can’t access your must-know up-to-the-minute news on language in China, rest assured that the internetz will catch up with our new IP address in a day or two and all should be well (wave joss sticks).

Why a new IP? Well, let’s just say that nanny seems to have found someone naughty playing at our current IP, and nanny believes in group punishment. Thus accessing Sinoglot & Phonemica on the mainland over the last week has been painful to impossible. If you want to know details, I’m happy to discuss offline. I appreciate the other bloggers who’ve offered advice about the situation over the last few days and I’m happy to share my experience if it’ll help someone else.

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