Essential phrases for dealing with foreigners

Kind of.

Finally back in China now, I went to the bookstore to get some notebooks so I can get my kids back on their studies and found these:

Vietnamese Russian Mongolian Japanese

I guess I’m glad there wasn’t an English one!

The title is:

Foreign Language Textbook for Shouting Orders to Captives

(This is difficult to translate.  外语 is foreign language, 教材 means teaching materials, often synonymous with textbook, 喊话 is a military term that refers to phrases that are shouted at potential enemy captives at the front lines.)

The contents are all the same, just varying in the target language.

Lay down your arms and we will spare you your lives.

We are kind to captives.

Hands up!

Come out!

Don’t move!

Come with me!

A little searching turned up this, so there is an English version!


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