Comment tips

If you just submitted a comment but it didn’t show up, there are three possibilities

  1. It’s your first comment on the site (with the email address you’re using) and is automatically set aside for moderation
  2. It got caught up in the sometimes hyperactive spam filter
  3. You’ve violated the comments policy

Getting caught in the spam filter is actually pretty common. Even some of the writers of this blog, as well as previously approved commenters have been caught. Sorry for the trouble. So, what to do?

  1. The comment should get approved pretty soon (usually <24 hrs). If not, it’s probably gotten spam filtered, so go to 2.
  2. Please email Syz (bjshengr <at> gmail <dot> com) to get it fixed.
  3. We don’t have a comments policy, so this seems unlikely. Go back to 2.