This week’s character – alpine meadow

Things have been busy over at Naxi script recently, but hopefully I’ll be able to add lots more juicy goodies in the near future.

This week’s character, ko21, week16 has the privilege of being featured in the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh. The Botanic Garden uses the character to depict high alpine plants (bottom of the photo), although it literally means ‘alpine meadow’.

EdinBot 013

As a side note, I know that ‘hieroglyphs’ can refer to pictographs in general so its use here shouldn’t rile me quite as much as it does, but something about it still smacks of antiquated bourgeois attitudes to logographic writing.

Anyway, the display is part of their Chinese Hillside 中国坡  area, but unfortunately the Naxi script for this reads ‘Han hillside’, hapabuha33 pa21 bu21, which it really isn’t – although you can see how they got there.

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