This week’s character – rice/meal

Just like in mandarin, one of the first things most people learn to say in Naxi is ‘eat a meal’, and again just like in mandarin, the ‘meal’ is represented by the word for rice, which in Naxi is week11ha33. The Dongba script here depicts a bowl of rice.

Unlike mandarin however, the verb in Naxi generally comes at the end, so ‘eat a meal’ is  ha33 dzɪ33 eat.

3 thoughts on “This week’s character – rice/meal

  1. So is Naxi generally verb-final, or it just happens to be verb-final in this example?

    Sorry for the ignorance; I glanced at the Wikipedia entry and didn’t see anything about structure.

    • Yep, Naxi is verb-final, like Tibetan. I’d edit the wikipedia article but I don’t have the required linguistic chops to do so.

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