Who we are

Welcome to Sinoglot!

China means not just lots of languages but language families: Sinitic, Tibeto-Burman, Tungusic… If you expand the scope into history, scripts, bilingualism, language acquisition and so on, it’s enough to induce vertigo.

Sinoglot is never going to cover it all, but we give you a bit in every dimension, eclectically. This is who we are:

Daan created the Leiden Weibo Corpus. He’s interested in language variation, both in 21st-century China and in the olden days.

Duncan maintains the Naxi Script Resource Centre, and works as a translator for various publishers in the UK.

Paweł is a contributor to Echoes of Manchu where he is currently leading the translation project for The Book of the Nisan Shaman.

Randy writes for Echoes of Manchu and is the author of Open Me, a textbook that teaches English reading. He lives in the subtropical paradise of Xiamen.

Sima writes for Echoes of Manchu and resides in Chinese Manchuria. Little else is known about him.

Syz / Steve Hansen works on Phonemica (乡音苑) and produces presently-dormant Beijing Sounds. He lives and works in Beijing.

Yilan works on Phonemica and Annals of Wu

Sinoglot.com/blog is our group blog, but we all started blogging independently about narrower topics. Here are our subject-specific blogs:


  • Beijing Sounds - audio & discussion on Beijing dialect and culture




  • Annals of Wu - audio & discussion on Wu (Shanghainese) dialects